Bus and Coach in Christchurch City

Bus and Coaches in Christchurch are a cheap, efficient way of getting around. The Metro is the main bus service, and there's also a zero-fare shuttle around the CBD. Long distance coaches also serve the region well.

Christchurch bus and Coach services cover both the city and suburbs, and the wider Canterbury region. In the CBD, there are a number of buses that operate under the Metro umbrella. Northern Star buses are blue, Selwyn Star buses are yellow and City Flyers are red. They all operate the same standard fares, and all accept the Metro travel cards. The bus exchange is between Lichfield and Tuam Streets. Plenty of buses go out to Lyttleton, Rangiora and Rolleston. There's also an route to Sumner that goes from the Airport, via the CBD. Christchurch is the only city that allows bikes to be carried on suburban buses. There's also 'The Shuttle' - a free bus service that serves the CBD. Long distance coaches travel to and from Christchurch from most major places in the South Island, and you'll find special tourist coaches going to towns such as Kaikoura and Akaroa. The InterCity Coaches now go from Bealey Avenue, and service cities such as Picton, Dunedin and Queenstown.