Christchurch Climate

The Christchurch and Canterbury region experiences dry and temperate weather. The summer months see average daily temperatures of 22.5 °C (72.5 °F). The winter months see the average temperatures drop to 11.3 °C (52.3 °F) although it’s common for below 0°C (32 °F) temperatures at night. It’s no surprise that on average there are seventy days of ground frost per year. 

Christchurch also experiences the hot and dry Norwester winds from the Southern Alps, throughout the year. This can increase the temperature by 10-15°C in about an hour!

Summer: December - February

The summer months bring hot and dry days. The average temperature are 22.5°C (72.5 °F).

Autumn: March - May

The autumn months bring cooler daytime temperatures but still average between 17 and 22°C. Rainfall is more frequent so keep an umbrella handy!

Winter: June - August

The winter months tend to be cold and clear. The early frosts soon give way to beautiful ,clear and crisp days. With below zero temperatures at night being a common occurance, the days pick up to just over 11°C.**

Spring: September - November

The months of Spring see a warming of the temperature, picking up to between 14°C and 19°C.