Best Services in Christchurch

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Christchurch team

Being one of the country's largest cities, Services in Christchurch were comprehensive and efficient. Much of the city's resources, however, are being diverted to post-earthquake rebuilding. But that doesn't mean residents are standing still.

While the city continues to regenerate, a lot of CBD businesses have had to cut back. Real estate, particularly, has inevitably been hit hard. But while Christchurch recovers, there are still plenty of places across the region that can cater for your needs, if this is where you want to move to, or hold a special event. There are lots of nice hotels in the hills and plains around Christchurch. In the east, the pretty coastal towns of Akaroa and Kaikoura might not have the most comprehensive infrastructure for event planning or new businesses, but they more than make up for it in scenery and magic. The supply towns of Rangiora and Ashburton are more than capable of hosting medium-sized events, and also have good transport links to Christchurch.