Restaurants in Christchurch City

Known for their diverse cuisine, Christchurch restaurants like to celebrate their local produce. From succulent lamb and fresh fish, to juicy fruit and veg, you'll find dishes to die for, both in the city and out across Canterbury.  

Christchurch restaurants has changed dramatically since the 2011 earthquake, with a new brand of fine-dining eateries now adding a dash of modern class to the once traditional type dining establishment . In th edowntown area the Re:Start Mall has creating a thriving food scene with 'pop-up' shipping containers,proving to be ideal temporary shops and restaurants. So, while new, permanent eating premises are being built or restored, these shipping containers are gladly providing some welcome culinary respite. The long stretching Riccarton Road is packed full of cafes and restaurants with plenty of casual dining options.  For a bite to eat by the sea, the beach resoirt of Sumner is well worth a visit.   Outside Christchurch, Kaikoura is one of the best places to grab some prime seafood dishes, as is Akaroa in the Banks Peninsula. On the Canterbury Plains, Rangiora makes the most of local lamb and beef, and the towns to the south of Christchurch (Geraldine, Timaru) can be quite Mediterranean in the way they love to use home-grown fruit and veg.