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Our guide to the best adventure experiences in Christchurch and the Canterbury region

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As the largest city in New Zealand's South Island, Christchurch is a gateway to hair raising, adrenaline pumping activities that will satisfy the most demanding adventure seekers.  New Zealand has a well-earned reputation for adventure activities, and Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region certainly lives up to that label.  So, we've cherry picked out our top 7 adrenaline activities to experience when you visit the region.  

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1.  Christchurch Adventure Park
This is your go to place for an all round adventure experience all from one location.  The adventure park features a range of adventure activities to get your blood pumping.  Activities include awesome mountain bike trails, the longest chairlift in New Zealand, world-class zip lining all set to a backdrop of stunning views. 

  • Location - Port Hills. 225 Worsley Rd, Cracroft, Christchurch.
  • Opening Hours:  9.00am - 6.00pm Monday to Sunday.
  • Pricing Guidance:  Zipline experience from $75 per adult
  • Contact - 0508 247 478 /

2.  Jet Boat
Alpine Jet Thrills operate Jet boat rides and offers the only commercial passenger Airboat ride in New Zealand.  Their jet boats operate from a couple of locations at Springfield and Kaiapoi in the Waimakariri Regional Park.
The Canyon Safaris ride departs close to Springfield in the spectacular canyon that runs through the foothills of the Southern Alps.  The Braided Shallows ride departs Kaiapoi in the Waimakariri Regional Park in the shallow braided section of this amazing river.  Alpine Airboats offer the sensation of skimming over wet stones in a genuine American style Airboat in Air Force 2. 
  • Locations - Braided Shallows - Hamilton Quay, Kaiapoi (20 mins away) / Canyon Safaris - 651 Rubicon Road, Springfield (approx. 1 hour away)
  • Pricing Guidance:  From $75 per adult
  • Contact - 03 385 1478 /
Another option is Discovery Jet which operates in the Rakaia Gorge, an hour's drive from Christchurch.  Go hurtling through gorges and river canyons at mind-boggling speeds, to really get that adrenaline pumping.  The thrilling ride hurtles down the Rakaia River but offers the incredible beauty and serenity of the Rakaia Gorge region.
  • Location - Rakaia Gorge, Methven (1 hour away)
  • Pricing Guidance - From $45 per adult
  • Contact - 0800 538 2628 /

3.  Paragliding
Always a popular activity for adrenaline seekers, Christchurch Paragliding is the chance for a tandem flight over at Taylor's Mistake, one of the premier coastal flying sites in New Zealand.  Along with the breathtaking landscape to enjoy while soaring high above, you can benefit from  longer than most flight at 20-25 minutes, giving you more time to savour the experience.  Take-off is only 10 a minute drive from both Lyttelton and Sumner, both good places to grab a celebratory drink/lunch afterwards.
  • Location - Taylor's Mistake
  • Pricing Guidance - From $200 per flight.
  • Contact - 0220 457 254 /  

4.  Skydiving
For many, Skydiving is 'numero uno' when it comes to the ultimate thrill-seeking experience.  It's hard to argue when you leap out of a plane and feel the rush of freefall, reaching speeds of up to 200kph.  Luckily, when you are strapped to an experienced skydiving instructor, you can just focus on enjoying the journey down  to some of the most breath-taking scenery of New Zealand.
Skydiving Kiwis offer a Helidive that combines a scenic helicopter flight in a BK 117, followed by a skydive over the beautiful eastern coastline, with a finale of  a beach landing onto Sumner Beach.
  • Location - Sumner (10 minute drive from Christchurch city centre)
  • Pricing Guidance - From $599per adult
  • Contact - 0800 359 549 /
5.  Adrenalin Forest
Climbing, swinging, overcoming obstacles and ever increasing heights, Adrenalin Forest ticks the adrenaline boxes for all ages.  There are 7 courses that steadily increase in difficulty and height, going from 1 metre off the ground to 20 metres.  Each course has a range of various challenges as you progress.  You can expect bridges, nets to cross, swings, barrels, swings and Flying Foxes.
  • Location - 110 Heyders Road, Spencerville
  • Pricing Guidance:  From $45 per adult
  • Contact - 03-329 8717 /

6.  Hanmer Springs Attractions
Hanmer Springs Attractions is the second adventure park on our list and is located at Hanmer Springs, just under 2 hours' drive from Christchurch.  This is the place to do it all.  Adrenaline activities include a Jet Boat ride along the Waiau River gorge, a 35-metre bungy from the historic Ferry Bridge, rafting a Grade-2 river, a Quad Bike trip over various terrains, a full-day Canoe excursion, Clay Bird shooting and Paintball.
  • Location - 839 Hanmer Springs Road, Hanmer Springs (1 hour 45 minutes drive from Christchurch)
  • Contact - 0800 661 538 /

7.  Rafting
Hidden Valleys offer the ultimate rafting experiences with most trips lasting from 2 - 5 days.  Rafting and camping is complemented with campfire cooking.  Although there are plenty of high-octane rapids, these multi-day river rafting trips are as much about getting away from it and sharing the experience with the company of friends on the river and around the Campfire.
  • Location - Manuka Hill, 228 Blandswood Road, Peel Forest, Geraldine.
  • Pricing Guidance: Day trip from $320  / 2 Day Trips from $750 per adult
  • Contact - 03 696 3560 /

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